Goals and services

The Association aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Promoting, in the area of the management of the waste in Catalonia, the model of selective collection called "Door to Door". We believe that it is this fully compatible with the principles of prevention of the pollution, minimization of the waste, waste evaluation, sufficiency, proximity, protection and regeneration of the ground and of transparency. Moreover it has demonstrated that is able to achieve the maximum degree of efficiency - both at quantitative level and qualitative one- until today.

  • Promoting and briefing about the "Door on Door" waste collection system to anyone interested and to other local entities (municipalities, associations, consortiums, etc), institutions, organizations, etc.

  • To establish the suitable frame to make possible a more fluid exchange of experiences among the towns that carry out the DtD waste collection.

  • Organizing technical encounters in order to study DtD

  • Spreading the results from studies and experiences linked to the DtD collection.

Exclusive services

Moreover, for the members of law, with exclusive character, it offers the following services:

  • Join procurementof every type of material (compostable bags, buckets, etc) so that it entails an economic saving for the members of law associated

  • Coordinating the request of grants, help, etc in order to fund any of the ordinary activities object of the association, and in a specific way to carry out campaigns.

  • Acces to reports, results, study about the door selective collection on door.

Projects and other services

The Association offers its members both of the remaining and other Catalan municipalities, administrations and institutions, businesses, other stakeholders, etc.. studies, papers and reports on the door to door collection can be found in the Documentation section.
Currently, the Association has or is working on the following projects:

Follow-up and implantation of the DtD

Visits DtD towns to know novelties and problems of the waste collection

Study for the Regional Government of Barcelona: monitoring implantation in Barcelona province towns

Study for the Agency of Waste of Catalonia: monitoring implantation in towns of all Catalonia

Joint purchases

Start of the joint purchase of compostable bags between associate members in 2013. Expansion of the service with the joint purchase of bins and containers for the selective collection of the organic fraction in 2018. Constitution as a Purchasing Central from the year 2019.

Exchanges of experiences

Workshops among  DtD towns, for exchanges of experiences.

Singular projects

Singular project: writing of the "Municipal handbook about the DtD selective waste collection in Catalonia" (ARC support).

Singular project: Feasibility of the implantation of the door to door selective waste collection in towns of less than 5.000 inhabitants (ARC support)

Singular project: Impacts of the compostable bag in the management of the biowaste (ARC support).

Singular project: writing of the "Municipal handbook about the DtD selective waste collection in Spain" (ARC support).


Newsletter Publication InfoPaP

Update the Web Page

Diffusion of the "Municipal handbook about the DtD selective waste collection in Catalonia and Spain"

Report for the Catalonia Waste Agency: Economic Balance waste collection door to door and sidewalk area for local and optimization proposals

Studies on the door to door collection (Grant Planning and Sustainability Department 2013)

Presence in seminars, forums and exhibitions on waste management

Organization of a workshop on the door to door collection and waste prevention in November 2013

Presence on social networks: twitter and facebook

Development Cooperation project 2014 "Technical assistance to consolidate the experiences of waste management in the municipalities of Tiquipaya and Vinto and become the benchmark in Bolivia." Funded by the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Development Cooperation project 2015 "Implementation of the selective collection, composting and recycling in Bolivia." Funded by the Barcelona Provincial Council.

First and second edition of the course : Implementation and management of the door-to-door waste collection services. Organized by the Association PaP and the Environmentalists college, with support from the Waste Agency of Catalonia and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Project of cooperation for development year 2017: "Consolidation and expansion of selective collection, the composting and recycling in Bolivia". Subsidized by the Barcelona Provincial Council.