Who are we

The Association of Catalan Towns for door to door selective waste collection is an association without spirit of profit and independent, that it has as a main goal to promote the model of selective waste collection named "Door to door".

The year 2000 the municipalities of Tiana, Tona and Riudecanyes were the first that implanted a door to door selective waste collection system in Catalonia. Since then, this number has kept on being increased until arrives to the more than 300 municipalities nowadays.

With the conviction of the benefits of this system, these first local entities joined to set up the Association in year 2002.


These are the organs of the Association:
The General Assembly
The General Assembly is the sovereign organ and it’s formed by the members of law.

The Board of Directors
It governs, administers and represents the Association. It’s composed by the following charges:

President: Sr. Enric Forcada Valiente (Artés)
Vice president: Sra. Anna Bigordà Rodó (Ullastrell)
Treasurer: Sra. Nuria Amado Roman (Tiana)
Secretary: Sr. Xavier Eusebi Doñate Rodrigo (membre honorífic de l’Associació)
Vowel: Sr. Josep Valldeoriola Roquet (Tona)
Vowel: Sr. Jordi Maimí Girbal (Arenys de Munt)
Vowel: Sra. Coia Tenas Martinez (Canet de Mar)

Technical commission

It is the body of debate and technical work of the Association and is made up of people with a technical profile, who are part of the structure of the legal and de facto members of the Association.

Technical Commissioner
The person hired by the entrusted Association. He/she manage and coordinate the Board of Directors and the Technical Commission.

Director of the Technical Commission

Mrs. Montse Cruz Bautista
Tel. 622 613 155
a/e: comissionattecnic@portaaporta.cat

The members

All those local or local entities that having implanted a collection system in the expressed terms are members of law, they have been accepted in the Association. Their representatives in the association are the political representatives legally designated by the corresponding Government Agreement and / or Plenary Agreement.

The members are in fact all those local entities that are interested in or in the process of implementing a selective door-to-door collection and that, having expressed the desire to be members of the Association, have been admitted to the Association.

De facto members will become de jure members when they implement door-to-door collection.

The following municipalities are part of the Association: