Catalan Waste Agency and the Association sign a protocol of collaboration

The Director of Waste Agency of Catalonia, Catalan Genevieve, has signed this morning with President of the Catalan Association of Municipalities for the Selective Collection Door to Door, JM Tost, a protocol of collaboration is to aimed at improving levels of selective collection in Catalonia.

Some of the commitments made by the Waste Agency in this protocol are collaborating with the Association to increase awareness of the variables of the system of selective collection door to door, especially with regard to economic costs, and also in relation to collection of other models, and to transmit information and advice to municipalities in this area.

Moreover, the Catalan Association of Municipalities for the Selective Collection Door to Door is committed to supporting the working groups of the Waste Agency in the field collecting door to door; collaborate in provision of data and technical documentation on the model of selective waste collection, and support local councils and other advisory tasks in the implementation of selective collection door to door.

The signing was done under the holding of the Workshop "The door selective collection: a challenge 10 years, 100 municipalities. With this conference the Association has decided to celebrate 10 years of the first implementations of selective collection door to door in Catalonia, to take stock of experiences and results obtained so far.

The Director of Waste Agency, Genevieve Catalan, together with other institutional representatives, has participated in the inauguration of the conference, which was held today in the town of Tiana (Maresme).

Source: ARC