The Association presents a study to the Regional Government of Barcelona about the implantation of door to door in the province.

Within the framework of the several contacts and relationships that the Association has kept on establishing last year with different administrations and institutions, he has working in way a lot flowed with the Area of Environment of the Regional Government of Barcelona.

Among the several questions that have kept on being specified, the Regional Government of Barcelona entrusted the realization of a Study about the follow-up of the implantation of the doot to door selective waste collection to the Association in the province of Barcelona.

The study is presented this july to the Office of Sensitization, Divulging and Environmental Participation of the Area of Environment of the Regional Government of Barcelona formally.

Regarding the Province of Barcelona at present there are 32 towns that have this system, or in a total way, or partially.

The study also includes reports about the visits that the Association has carried out in some of these 32 towns to give them support and to advise them in the needs that they bring up, and in towns that show interest or they consider implanting the selective collection takes to door.

The Association of Catalan Towns for the Door to Door Selective Waste Collection System can play an important support and diffusion role of the door to door system, especially in the 135 towns of the province of Barcelona that have not implanted the organic waste selective collection yet, of which 129 are towns of less than 5.000 inhabitants where the door to doro system highlights like a very good alternative due to the characteristics of these kind of towns.