The Catalan Association of Municipalities for Selective Collection Door to Door is a non-profit and fully independent of any political or economic interest, whose main objective is to disseminate information and advice on door to door collection (PaP) .

We emphasize "independent of any political interest" and that the association is formed by municipalities of all political stripes: CIU, ERC, PSC, PP, ICV and independent parties. They all have either opted for a system that has proven, in the years of its implementation, to be the most efficient and sustainable. For this reason, the association always worked for the PaP collection is not used as an electoral weapon, or for partisan purposes.

We wonder how such an extreme that has been politicized waste management in the Basque Country. Color should never be put to a collection system that after the experience has clearly demonstrated its good results.

In recent months we have read in the press that the PAP collection system is a "dirty, ugly, inefficient, unhealthy, expensive, which detracts from the municipalities, with the opposition majority of citizens, which makes citizens away slaves, "etc.. For this reason, the association want to give our view, with the experience we have gathered over more than 12 years and a total of 101 municipalities that perform this type of collection in Catalonia.

Since the first implantation in 2000, separate collection PaP has been, to date, the system has reached the levels of collection in terms of quantity and quality higher, reaching levels between 60 - 80% collection (double the average of the municipalities that perform the collection by the fifth container) and a low percentage of unfit in the separate collection of biowaste (in most cases below 5%). These good results have led to increasingly Catalan municipalities are implemented this system of collection.
Correctly setting the PaP requires strong political will and a strong technical approach, showing the public, in a truthful, transparent i without prejudice, the advantages of this choice collection. When the implants are made correctly, good results are achieved rapidly and social perception in general, despite initial resistance possible (always present), ends up being very positive. The assessment made several municipalities postoperative surveys of the system, much of the public greatly appreciates the comfort, not having to move to throw garbage.

It is true that a PaP implementation requires a change in habits at home, but with good information and awareness that change is rapidly assimilated and integrated naturally in the day to day.

The experiences so far in Catalonia have taken place in towns of 15,000 inhabitants. This does not mean that implementation is not possible in larger towns or cities. In Italy there are different experiences in large cities (Milan, Novara, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Rome), numerous experiences with over 100,000 inhabitants (Monza, Salerno), that or already have implemented or are doing increasingly well.

The partisan confrontation should not deviate from a serious debate and calm on waste management and collection models. In this context, door to door collection has a series of arguments supported by results from more than a decade in Catalonia and many more in other parts of the most experienced.

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Association of Municipalities Catalans per the Porta a Porta Selective Recollida