Seva changes emergency collection areas

On 14 January, in Seva, held an informative meeting for neighbors on the areas of provision of domestic waste. This meeting was attended by the Mayor, Mr. Èric Vila councilman and the environment, Mr. John Queral and Carles Salvans, Technical responsible for the collection and management of municipal waste.

The reason for calling this meeting was to explain to residents the changes that the current government team in conjunction with the Commonwealth's plans are underway in the areas of provision of separate collection of rubbish. This restructuring is intended to improve the use and adapt these areas to the current needs of the residential areas.

The new areas have a new structure with the ground paved, marked with a wooden fence and can be accessed through a small door. Inside there are several different containers to facilitate collection. It has also placed a new container can be placed only on the plant debris (grass and pruning without plastic bags) and is properly identified. This new model allows area almost tripled the capacity to collect each of the areas with respect to the structures that existed previously. The areas will be equipped with a camera and masts in order to ensure appropriate use.

In addition, and standardize the operation of the area and waste management in general, the City Council recently approved the ordinance for the collection of municipal waste.

The meeting served also to remind residents how to properly select the waste at home and what is the function of the different collections.
The City Council and the Commonwealth's plans have planned in the coming weeks come into operation in all areas and provided that this, together with other actions taken, achieve better overall management, obtained a high rate collection and recovery of household waste in this sector and also a reduction in service costs.