Colmenarejo visit a Catalan town with door to door separate waste collection

On 28 November, the technical environment of the municipality of Colmenarejo, located northwest of Madrid, just over 30 km from the city, and by the Catalan Association of Municipalities to collect Selective door, he knew first-hand some of the experiences of collecting door to door in our country.

Currently takes place in Colmenarejo municipal waste collection containers to shore, through various private agents in terms of the fractions with the aim of improving and optimizing waste management in general, wanted to know in detail the characteristics and field of selective door. Thus, by the current commissioner and Technical Association, met and visited the town of Tona, the Osona, municipality member of the Commonwealth's Plain, and the location of the door to door from separate collection In October 2000, a municipality with characteristics very similar to Colmenarejo, for people with little more than 8,500 inhabitants to urban settings.

The aim of the visit, therefore, was to learn the operation of the selective collection and door to door to advise of the process for implementing a collection of these features to your town. He also met the facilities of the Commonwealth's also a plain which manages part of the organic material collected door to door and compostable bag to its member municipalities, because they are intended to manage the organic matter collaboration with a social enterprise, which is collected using the new system and also obtained a compound of high quality.

The same day, the technician also track collection night watching the streets of the town and the logistics of gathering by operatives of the collection of the Commonwealth. During the visit the technician, showed a great willingness to get to know the model and a keen interest in everything that involves carrying out a collection of its kind, from the collection of data, drafting the project, making the communication campaign, implementation and subsequent monitoring.

Simultaneously, it has been already reported to work to advance the implementation of this collection to your town and a visit later. This visit however, also be realized with the presence of the political council also know that the door and talk to their Catalan counterparts to see what role they play in the process and what should be involved with implementing a new municipal waste collection system.